General Vision

· Our main vision for the “HOW” is to bring the crypto currency boom in the market and the virtual world. (Real Estate)
· We are constantly working on to bring utilities and community to the “HOW” brand.
· Long term vision is to create an autonomous & decentralized ecosystem.
· Firstly, includes the strategic partnership with other crypto currency exchange.
· It also includes developing a virtual world in which you can trade properties and land easily with our “HOW” brand in which you can hold one or more digital assets in the virtual world. It will eliminate the broker’s charges too.
· This is all going to be done by our experienced teams of leaders, developers and marketers.
· Our current team consists of overall 10 individuals. Established in the working across the brand administration, development and marketing department.
· “HOW” brand members continuously improving the community and spreading the knowledge of virtual real estate concept.


Phase 1

· Token Launch
· BSC Launch
· Smart contract audits
· Coin Gecko listing
· Website Launch
· 10,000 “HOW” Holders

Phase 2

· Solid partnership
· Aggressive marketing
· Major exchange listing
· 25,000 “HOW” Holders

Phase 3

· NFT Launch
· Major listing 2
· 50,000 “HOW” Holders

Phase 4

· Project Virtual Estate named “HOW” (Home On Way)
· Giveaway
· Charity Donations
· 1,00,000 “HOW” Holders