Home On Way (HOW)

Our main vision is on the metaverse creation to bring people a real-life experience of trading real estate. ‘HOW’ team is constantly working on building the utility of ‘HOW’ Token and building metaverse. Other things are in the works including capitalizing on the hype of NFTs, more to be announced soon.
In real-world trading properties and land is expensive and maybe complicated to invest for so many people. For trading properties, people are paying 2% to 3% to the brokers. A metaverse which is called Home On Way, in which people can trade properties and land from anywhere in the world virtually with a ‘HOW’ token. In the blockchain, data is encrypted & safe so everybody can directly pay for the properties via the ‘HOW’ token.
‘HOW’ token is ONLY token which will be used to trade in the Home On Way metaverse. ‘HOW’ team is educating people about our concept and blockchain technology and the future of digital currency through our social media handles.
The special feature of HOW token is everyone can soft burn a little amount of ‘HOW’token. Get REWARD by holding HOW.
In summary HOW is not an ordinary token. Although it has the power to take you to the upcoming investments in the metaverse. We are taking investments to the next level.
Last modified 1yr ago